BPM in the cloud? Do we need “outsourceable” processes first?

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Jim Sinur has raised a relevant topic on BPM in the cloud in the Gartner BPM X-change (http://bit.ly/SU8AR) on Linked in.

I posted a comment to that – not necessarily as a response to the post itself in terms of Business Operating Platform (There is little doubt that the BPM in cloud will sometime become a reality and one of the foundations for such platform). But, there are some items that we need to consciously address as well.

So, here goes one of the points –

Would it be appropriate to say that a Business Process should be “outsource-able” before it can be “clouded”?

Suppose we reach a stage where we have taken care of more obvious issues like goal-oriented process, data and process compartmentalization in multi-tenant environment, security, and the needed level of standardization for the process. There would have to mechanisms to handle the process that has participant users and applications “within” the organization. Interoperability of the cloud platform and the enterprise platforms (that are core to the process execution) would pose a challenge.

Then, there are other issues with respect to decision control and management of processes.

In essence, an application in a cloud is way different from a business process executed through a cloud platform. If the process is already outsourced (or can be) then at least we have some lesser issues to deal with.


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