About this blog

I always wanted to maintain a diary where I could jot down thoughts as they came. But, as indisciplined and unorganized as I am, couldn’t do that with only inquisitiveness. And I have been wishing  for a technology that could read my wandering mind & act on a jesture command to record the stuff without me having to do more than “the thinking”. 😉

Since that technology seems too far away to waste my life waiting for it, I’ve finally mustered some discipline to take the first step, i.e. to blog. My laptop and my cellphone are my companions, hopefully I will be able to do with my machines what I couldn’t with the good ol’ diary.

Here you can find thoughts from all over my mind, so all you ingenious people can make some use of it! But here’s a warning, I don’t strictly follow any particular doctrine and I may change my mind about some things as I learn more – which I’m sure I will 🙂

If you’re curious to know  more about me and my profession, here is my LinkedIn profile.

I’ve also been splitting time with blogging on the Official OrangeScape Blog, check it out as well!

There’s some other content in Slide/Video format too, available at OrangeScape’s Channel on Slideshare.


The views expressed in this article/presentation are that of mine and my employer does not subscribe to the substance, veracity or truthfulness of the said opinion – unless otherwise specified on a particular content.

And I will provide the appropriate copyright details on the source of the content if I reference any external sources. Do point out if you see any aberration and I will promptly fix it!

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