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To B(log) or Not to B(log)? A Year of Blogging. Or Not!

This is weird. My last post on this blog is dated a year ago! :O Weird, because I didn’t think this could happen. Weird, because looking back one would feel that in those 365 days I would have easily had few minutes to write about something, anything – there has been plenty I have felt […]

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Avalanche Marketing – Groupthink in Action

Groupthink in action. How is one not going to like iPad?! The whole world loves it, and it’s from Apple!!! How much of that is first-hand reaction? Well, when an avalanche with tonnes of snow heads your way, you wouldn’t want to think of the gunshot that triggered it! This is Avalanche Marketing!!! Better get used to it and use it too.

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Curse of Stardom…

[tweetmeme source=”ashish_bhagwat” only_single=false] Stardom often affects the effectiveness of a particular performance in the field of acting. I was watching the second part of  “Infernal Affairs” – a Hong Kong original (that inspired Martin Scorcese’s Departed, as I came to know later). I didn’t know any of these actors and which ones are stars! I […]

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