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Curse of Stardom…

[tweetmeme source=”ashish_bhagwat” only_single=false] Stardom often affects the effectiveness of a particular performance in the field of acting. I was watching the second part of  “Infernal Affairs” – a Hong Kong original (that inspired Martin Scorcese’s Departed, as I came to know later). I didn’t know any of these actors and which ones are stars! I […]

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Answering nature’s call? Why not just take a P!$$?

[tweetmeme source=”ashish_bhagwat” only_single=false] It really intrigues me how certain words become taboos, while some other (with the same meaning, mind you) remain acceptable in our civil society. How is it that a certain word “sh!#” is a strict No-No, while “crap” is still acceptable? How about “Damn it” v/s “Darn it”. Both are just words […]

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Insight and Introspection

[tweetmeme source=”ashish_bhagwat” only_single=false] I believe too much introspection can cloud the insight. Both seem related but may not always go with each other. How many times does it happen that we face a situation and come out with a solution that seems so correct, a result of a keen insight. This insight often is a […]


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[tweetmeme source=”ashish_bhagwat” only_single=false] As simple as this equation looks, the altitude that one achieves in life depends “simply” on one’s attitude combined with the aptitude. (It seemed like a eureka moment when I was addressing an audience and believed to have coined this there; Only to realize later that a bunch of others have already […]

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Do you “react”, or “respond” to life?

[tweetmeme source=”ashish_bhagwat” only_single=false] Few years back I had attended this training program with 4 hour capsules of management and leadership learning. I can’t really evaluate if it really aided to my leadership skills, but one clear lesson I learnt from one of the capsules was on how to respond, and not react, to situations in […]

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