Insight and Introspection

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I believe too much introspection can cloud the insight. Both seem related but may not always go with each other.

How many times does it happen that we face a situation and come out with a solution that seems so correct, a result of a keen insight. This insight often is a based on our experiences (or observed ones) in similar situations in past, or may have nothing to do with experiences but just plain intellectual ability of the mind to put things together subconsciously.

But, if we’re asked why that solution has to be the best or the one to go for – we’re often stumped. We may not be able to provide justification. But, still the solution seems right. At least, we still have a solution that seems to be correct.

What if in the same situation we were asked to think of all the factors and risks, and are consciously reminded that the implications are huge. We start consciously weighing up all the factors, risks associated – we start introspecting. Our gut is so wrenched it can’t help. The insight suddenly seems to disappear.

I guess above could be true for most of our common situations, are there situations where this may not be true? And why should this happen in the first place? I continue to introspect…



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