To B(log) or Not to B(log)? A Year of Blogging. Or Not!

This is weird. My last post on this blog is dated a year ago! :O

Weird, because I didn’t think this could happen.

Weird, because looking back one would feel that in those 365 days I would have easily had few minutes to write about something, anything – there has been plenty I have felt very strongly about, to not be writing about it.

ImageBut, then, I look back and realize that I have been writing – ventilating, puking, expressing, creating content in general – at various places, and in various forms – nevertheless. Never felt as if I was not doing this – blogging, and never felt empty.

Okay, this is the line where I stop venturing about, apologize, and say thanks to my amazing friends – who kept coming here. This space continues to have regular readership and I’m very thankful to you for keeping this space alive. Thanks!

So, what have I been up to?

I have been occasionally busy writing at and maintaining OrangeScape Official Blog. If you have some interest in upcoming enterprise technologies, you will find it interesting.

Been busy creating some material on thought leadership series, some of this along with Suresh. Particularly, “Platform as a Service Changes Everything, Visual PaaS is here!!!” and “Future of Business Applications”. It has also been a lot of fun creating “Curious Case of Long Tail Applications”. These efforts brought me in contact with Sonaal Bangera, from Effectworks, and this journey continues to the day. You can very well see why! One of the presentation made it to “Presentation of the Day” for 3 days on SlideShare, and has 99,000+ views. Yes, it’s been exciting.

Then, there were instances of publication articles, such as “Platforms on the Cloud – The ultimate weapons of mass disruption”. The print version had pictures, more readable.

There’s also been plenty of creation work involving writing that kept my creative energies busy. One of the change-of-mood occasions was brought about by a dear friend Dr. Amit Nagpal, when he asked me if I could write something on “Happiness” as prologue in his upcoming book “7 Joys of Life”. I got one of the Joys doing that! (The book is going to be released in a month or two and I will refrain from spoiling it by divulging the content here.)

Matter of fact, earlier today, Amit and I talked about my views on Personal Branding for his very happening blog on Life Skills. This is where you can find my views: Role Models and Personal Branding – Two Angles. This is a place worth visiting!

And undoubtedly, one of the adventures has been to create a Clay Animation Video for OrangeScape. It was so much fun, hard work, and burst of creative energies that I would love to write ‘a making of video’ post sometime! Working with Praveen Chrispugg on this video has been a privilege – a side benefit of playing the role that I do. For the unaware around the making of such videos (I was one until last year), it is painstakingly detailed effort requiring lot of clarity on what we want to do, how we want to do it; and phenomenal artistic acumen & skills that I found in Praveen’s team. And, it doesn’t stop at animation; music is a different ballgame altogether. Yes, adventure. Here’s the final video – Building Business Applications on Cloud!

Okay, before you scream, I have no intention of listing everything that gave me kicks to look forward to getting up every day, I thought the gap is long enough to provide a glimpse of what’s kept me busy – enough to not feel empty without blogging!

I intend to write more, and will make it a point to keep this space busy. You can expect some new topics – on Business Management in general, Marketing and Leadership in specific, Personal Growth & Learning occasionally, and of course Technology – BPM, Cloud, PaaS, and Social – worlds have already collided!

Keep coming friend, and enjoy reading! Thanks Again!

PS: This is one post where I have used more “I” references than probably I’d like to… and it looks very ugly at times. Unfortunately there was no way to make it otherwise. So, for once, excuse me on this egotistic blabber! 🙂


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  2. #2 by pallavic2609 on March 25, 2013 - 5:20 pm

    Ashish, my recovery might have been faster. But your content is stronger.

    • #3 by Ashish Bhagwat on March 25, 2013 - 5:44 pm

      Ah, well, Thanks Pallavi, it spanned a year…! 🙂

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