Top Game-Changer Trends You Can’t Ignore

I’m no crystal gazer, and this is no crystal gazing. The reality is upon us already.

Certain keywords and phrases have kept popping in my head for sometime now. I see them everywhere. There’s plenty of evidence already that the world is going through disruptions at various levels. These trends are touching everyone’s life. Well, I’m not talking about Global Warming, I’m sure we all aren’t dying in 2012. Even if we did, why take a chance and not do anything, just in case?

Disruptive Trends You can't IgnoreSo, following’s a list of trends that I think are already showing up on our day-to-day life. Some are patterns, some are established business models, and some are just plain cultural trends. So, I’m using the term “trend” a bit loosely here.

I plan to cover every one of these in separate posts. And I also foresee this list expanding – this starting list is the set that I woke up this morning with!

So, here we go!

  • The Long tail everywhere
  • Free, and Business models around it
  • Business Technology blurs into Personal Technology
  • The internet is not about Open & Free Information any more, You’re Truman & it’s not just a show
  • The Big IT Shift: Cloud, Social, Mobile, Analytics
  • The Changing Definition of Business Growth, what is BIG any more?
  • The Shrinkage in life-long Operational careers
  • Long Term Vision and Strategy have a New Meaning, New Method, and New Implication

I’m looking at this as a way to firm up in my mind the general understanding and vision of what will matter in few years to come. However, you’re welcome to throw a monkey wrench in this thought process… I’m sure it will only help!!!

Enjoy reading! If you’re interested in being informed when I blog these separate posts, please subscribe 🙂


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