Here you go, Technorati! ZQEARKWAVWQK

Claiming the blog at Technorati makes you do things! Guess there’s a reason, with the spammers, phishers and hackers…

So, here you go Technorati! This little post with one of your requirements to post a short code ZQEARKWAVWQK – no period there – a dot’s a character too, right? Let me make this bold so you see this – ZQEARKWAVWQK – again not ending with period. Having fun, ain’t I, with this? Now, please get me my claim to my blog! I’m the one who has written all this and I’m the one who is going to go back and click on that little button telling you I have done this, and that… 🙂

Wait, I’m not sure if you’ll look for this short code in the tags, so one little tag with your short code just to be sure, and you know what, I will add this to Excerpt too! (Not a spam, that!) And added to the title too. Okay, all set!!!

PS: Apologies (to all my other-than-Technorati visitors) if I disappointed you this time! Thanks for visiting,  do drop in again!!!



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