Content Marketing Strategy in Implementation, from Coca-Cola

The new business landscape demands for a different marketing approach. I’m an advocate of Content Marketing approach (where fit), and have been often asked to explain what it is, how is it different from other stuff the company may be doing, and most important, how does it translate into the difference in implementation in a daily life of the organization.

I have often resorted to a White Board when asked (most times it works), but in absence of it the word play is just not sufficient. Truth be told, the proof of the marketing Pudding is in the eating and no matter how many times it is explained, one has to go through the motions to understand the implications of a Content Strategy versus the traditional marketing approaches.

I have found this Noob Guide to Content Marketing in this Giant Infographic pretty handy at times, especially when I have to explain how Content Marketing plan typically is arrived at.

Hubspot is also a living example of how to preach, as well as practice, Content Marketing through their Inbound Marketing approach.

However, the following video set with Jonathan Mildenhall – Vice-President, Global Advertising Strategy and Creative Excellence at The Coca-Cola Company, is a terrific resource for anyone who wants to know What Content Strategy means, and how a conglomerate of the size of Coca Cola is translating the Content based Marketing Strategy into their plans.

Thought I’d share it as soon as I found it.

Look for some brilliant inclusions of terms relevant to Coca Cola business, such as “Liquid” 🙂

Enjoy, and learn!

Part I

Part II

Next time when I don’t have much face time to explain this, I think I will just point to this video! And hope that the lessons are passed on, at least with the really impactful graphical illustrations. 🙂


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